Resources for Students

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Simply Piano by Joytunes A freemium piano app with some really neat play-along features. I really love this one for learning how to sight-read, or just practicing sight-reading. The instant feedback is great, it really lets you see your progress on each song with note and rhythm accuracy, and they are always adding new songs. I wish that you could see what note ranges each song uses before you try it, but that's a minor problem in my opinion. You do need a subscription to access most of the content, but if you try it and really enjoy the format, it can be worth it in my opinion.

Yousician- Another great app for learning to read music/ practicing sight-reading. Similar to Simply Piano, but instead of hitting a paywall before you can access all the content, you're limited to 10 minutes of free practice per day. If you want more, you must subscribe, but you can get quite a bit done in 10 minutes!

Noteworks- basically note-reading flashcards. This one is also freemium. You can work on the five right-hand notes in C position for free, if you want more you have to pay for it. You can change the note ranges and speed of the game, and work on matching notes to the piano keys or to their letter names.

Musescore- Online music notation software, accessible through a web browser or an app. Lots of great possibilities for finding user-created content, but the quality can be uneven.

Noteflight- This is a great resource for learning how to write music. It's a web-based music notation software that is freemium- when you create an account you can access all the features, you're just limited as far as how many scores you can create unless you pay. It also has a huge library of user-created songs and arrangements, though the quality can be uneven.

Neely Piano Service -- This is a piano tuner / technician who I use and recommend.

Henry Glasgow -- Another great piano tuner/technician based in Cary.